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It takes time - and money!

Every Little Bit Helps!

Every dollar we receive goes makes an investment in kids’ futures by helping them engage the “world’s oldest and greatest sport”.

Thanks to our generous fans, Wrestling For Life has been able to provide wrestling shoes and headgear to thousands of kids. We've been able to take nearly as many to major wrestling events, to wrestling camps and more.

We've managed top increase the number of kids we reach each year, exposing them to every level of NCAA wrestling. We helped equip middle school teams and youth organizations, played a part in the growth of woman's wrestling, and promoted the sport of wrestling nationwide.

Will you help?

WFL-sponsored kids attend a meet at the University of Northern Iowa

For want of a shoe…
a wrestler was lost.

Lack of adequate gear is a major roadblock for middle school students trying the sport for the first time. All too often, financially challenged families cannot afford wrestling shoes.

To keep kids on the mat, many middle school coaches provide “loaner” shoes to young athletes in these circumstances – frequently paying for the shoes, and other equipment like headgear and knee pads, out of their own pockets.

At schools where a high percentage of the student body receives free or reduced lunch, loaning shoes is a financial burden on coaches.

Through the generosity of our supporters, Wrestling For Life has been able to donate more than $20,000 worth of shoes to wrestlers coast to coast. Some donors give money, others are able to actually provide shoes. Either way, the help you give makes it possible for more kids to participate!